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USI Pty Ltd are licensed to remove all types of asbestos products and can undertake any job; domestic, commercial and/or industrial. We are licensed to remove both “A” and “B” Class Asbestos.
We operate an Occupational Health and Safety Management System through BSI (National Standards Body) which complies with requirements of AS/NZS 4801:2001. This ensures that all our work practices are current and updated on an annual basis to meet minimal standards as required and to provide a safe environment for our employees and the general public during all Asbestos Removal Projects.

With a highly experienced and skilled team, we will organise and lodge the notification of Asbestos Removal Application on your behalf with Work Safe Victoria as well as provide a visual clearance certificate from an independent hygienist to ensure the asbestos removal area is safe and free from any hazardous material if required.
We are also EPA approved to transport prescribed waste (asbestos) and hold several permits for the transport and disposal of waste.

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Full Enclosure to remove Friable Asbestos around a Kiln.

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